Alien worlds free play to earn(P2E) NFT game full review

The year is 2055. Humans have found a way to escape the planet thanks to the ever-evolving discoveries in technology. Where do they go? To planets that they can hopefully call home. This is basically the plot and story of a game that some of you guys may already know.

A game where you can earn lots and make tons of money from. This is Alien Worlds. It is in the top 10 best play to earn NFT games list. Hello everybody and welcome to another article from your friends at Crypto Troika, this site that will take you to a whole new world in blockchain gaming. Before we begin this article, we would like to make it clear that we are not financial advisers. We are crypto fans that write articles on blockchain games for informational purposes. We highly encourage you to do additional research before moving on any further with the game. 

Alien worlds free play to earn(P2E) NFT game
Alien worlds free play to earn(P2E) NFT game

Alien Worlds free play to earn gamming project

As you may have already guessed from the intro, we are going to talk about Alien Words for today’s article. Alien Worlds is a relatively older game. It is a game that was released years ago and has continued performing well. It has survived massive bear runs and has been with us for the bull runs. That alone gives you the insurance that the developers of the game know how to stay relevant in the blockchain scene. 

Anyway, Alien Worlds is a Metaverse project where you can explore 6 different worlds that are filled with NFTs. These NFTs can be anything in the range of items, characters, minerals that you can mine, and lands. These plots of land will be one of the most important assets present in the game as it will be basically your money maker in this game so take note of that. Oceanland- Free play to earn nft game full review

Trilium token(TLM) tokenomics

Before we head on any further, it is crucial for us that you know about their in-game token. The token is called TLM which is short for Trilium Tokens. It is the main token being used in the game and it has quite complicated tokenomics. The important thing you need to know at the moment is that at the time of writing the article, Trilium TLM is selling for a price of 0.03208 dollars according to coinmarketcap. The token is performing relatively well in comparison to the other tokens as it is experiencing some positive traction for the past month. 

It is also important to know that the distribution of TLM is divided between Landowners for staking and Allocation for the different planets that were mentioned earlier. 20% of the token allocation will be given to the land owners but some of that value will be returned in somewhat of a tax in the form of fees for licenses. The remaining 80%, like I said, will be allocated for the Planets. This TLM will be given to the users through mining rewards in the 6 planets and mission rewards to planet B.

Multiple ways to earn TLM in Alien worlds game

So yes, there are multiple ways of earning in this game even if you are not a landowner. You will be given a free shovel when you start with the game and you can use that to start mining in the game. You will be rewarded especially if you put in your time and effort in mining. But again, this will take you quite a lot of time. If you want things to go a lot faster, you always have the option to upgrade your gear.  

The only thing is, you need to invest for that. It is a sacrifice that may or may not be worth it depending on how much you are willing to work for it. Everything comes for a price. Then we have the missions. Now, missions come in different shapes and sizes. There are easy missions that you can do. However, these types of missions only pay you a little about. If you want a mission that will pay you a lot, you must do the harder missions and those that take time. There are missions that take weeks to complete but you will be rewarded for your efforts. It takes the right balancing to know what missions you need to take. 

As you may have already guessed already, earning TLM is not that easy. But that is a good thing. If everyone gets Trilium in a snap of a finger, the price of the token will drop drastically. And we do not want that. Thankfully, the developers already thought of backup ideas in order to avoid that situation. For this, approximately 450 million tokens will be available in year one.  

Alien Worlds lands and important aspects in metaverse

Over time, this amount will be reduced in order to answer the problem of lowering value. This is to ensure that the price of the token will be valuable. Okay so now let us talk more about the lands and how it is an important aspect in the game. So, since the game is a metaverse, you can do whatever you want with the land. It is an NFT which means you can design it in whatever way you want. Think of it like the more famous metaverses such as the Sandbox and Decentraland. The game will literally bring the creativity out of you. 

In addition to that, you can even earn when owning a plot of land. It is an investment and the return on investment will take some time but we will surely get there to take back your earnings. You will be rewarded with TLM when you have land. This is also thanks to staking and it is scheduled once a week. This is a great way of incentivizing you guys that will invest in the game through the lands.

In addition to that, as a landowner, you will also get a part of the mined TLM there. Players from all over the world can mine TLM in your land and the TLM they gather will be split between both parties. This means that you will have great passive income especially if more people will come to your land to mine. People have claimed to earn in the thousands if you add up everything that we have talked about so far!

There are also other NFTs in the game such as the ships that you need to purchase especially if you want to go exploring other worlds and see the lands of other people. You can buy an unlimited number of ships for you to use. But remember, that only to buy ships if you want to use them.  

No point in letting them rot in your inventory. Or you do you. It is your money. Mining items also count as NFTs and the rarer they are, the more efficient they will be in mining resources for you. If you really want to maximize your earnings, you need to choose carefully where you will mine, and what to mine the materials with. As the rarer the NFTs you are working with, the more TLM you will earn – making everything so much more worth it.

Conclusion: Hey guys! Thanks for watching this edition of Crypto Troika. We hope you enjoyed and learned something new from us. We will appreciate you if press the bell icon at right corner. If the game is not to your taste but still want a space adventure game, we have a article talking about Star Atlas so go check that out if you haven’t already. Until next time, have.

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