LUCRO token by evergrow ecosystem crypto price prediction

What’s going on guys? Welcome back to Crypto Troika. In today’s article we’re going to be talking about a crypto I have not covered for quite a bit on this site and that would be evergrow coin.

I used to make quite a bit of content on them when they were booming and when things were going well. They had a lot of setbacks and delays, which you know, coupled with the market and the downturn that it’s been for most of the year, a lot of that momentum was slowed.

But they’ve recently come back into the limelight. They have been working on the utilities. Behind the scenes with partnerships and their platforms but they are launching a new token. Alright, LUCRO is the name of this token. I’m going to give you my thoughts and how I feel about how this token could perform, what is its potential is and how it affects me and you as potential investors now.

Not a financial advisor. I’m just a guy who likes to cover crypto, passive income and everything in between on this platform. If you like those things too, if you can press the bell icon in the right side of the screen. So, let’s go ahead and dive in.

LUCRO token by evergrow ecosystem crypto price prediction
LUCRO token by evergrow ecosystem crypto price prediction

Pump at launch of Evergrow coin

If you remember correctly, back exactly one year ago, Evergrow launched their coin. OK? And if you remember, just in a few short weeks, evergrow coin quickly surpassed $100 million market cap. It was unreal. People were turning small amounts of money into life changing money. The volume of evergrow coin was insane.

Evergrow had pulled a safe moon. All right. And by what, I mean by that is just a global virality many countries. And if you were in Defi, you knew about evergrow coin, especially if you’re on the BBC network, alright? And evergrow coin came into the limelight and just shattered records.

Evergrow coin rewards and rally

Evergrow distributed over $37 million in BSD Rewards, which is absolutely insane. The most at any BSD rewards contract has ever done. They just shattered a lot of records. They did a lot of things. They changed a lot of people’s lives, all right, and unfortunately, I missed out.

I covered them, but to me, when it had originally pumped over 100 million. I didn’t think that it would be a good idea to jump in there just by principle not buying green candles. Well, it dipped down for about a week and a half, two weeks and then all of a sudden here we are at $1.5 billion market cap evergrow coin just took off like a rocket and continue changing people’s lives. It was absolutely crazy. Harmony one crypto price prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

A lot of people made a lot of money and evergrow coin launched at a good time as well. BMB was around $400 to $500 we were heading into a bullish. Couple of months before the fall of Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving when Bitcoin crashed and then kind of spiralled out of control in the coming months.

LUCRO crypto token evergrow ecosystem

So, with that being said, we’re talking about the LUCRO token. What is to be expected and should we put our money there potentially. Now, me personally, I will be putting some money into LUCRO tokenif I can. LUCRO token have fair launch, which is a pre-sale that everyone gets into the same price with a hard cap of $1.5 million.

So, you have a chance to buy in as long as it’s. Before that $1.5 million hard cap is reached. Now personally when I look at a coin that went as viral it did have as many holders as it does and did what it did. There are a lot of people who missed out on evergrow coin in the early stages that know that this is the same team, this is part of the same ecosystem.

Why would you miss out on every 2.0? Now obviously it is not evergrow 2.0. It is a token that is to be coupled with the evergrow ecosystem. Ecosystem, there’s a 1% trading fee on buys and sells, all of which goes to buy back and burn on Evergrow coin. So, the point of this is to add kind of a utility, a trading token to their ecosystem. A way through five did this as well and they seem to be pretty successful with it. Cardano price prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

And they plan to use this LUCRO token as a means for buying their NFTS, transacting, things like that. Evergrow coin with a high tax like that? It’s not really meant to be transacted with. It’s kind of the concept. The Bitcoin being the gold standard. And then there’s all kinds of other altcoins that are actually better at performing transactions that you know, act as our paper money do in the real world. So, I think it’s very interesting what they’re trying to do.

How much is LUCRO token trading fees?

There’s a 1% trading fee on buys and sells, all of which goes to buy back and burn on Evergrow coin. It may bring some life and some attention back to evergrow. Now what is the potential for the LUCRO token is going to be 100 billion supply and like I said, 1% trading fees. So, what they’re hoping is that this will be a token that is traded on much more frequently.

You know, you’re not losing 10% of your value. If you’re going to put $100,000 in, you’re not losing 10 grand off the bat and then losing another 10K or somewhere around there. If you’re trying to take profits, you know, depending on how much you’ve made. What they’re saying is look there, there’s a lot of tokens out there. People want to diversify. Here’s a token that comes from evergrow ecosystem to allow you to do that. This is a money-making opportunity and I believe everyone including the team at Evergrow is hoping that this thing pumps all right and comes with a lot of volume. Oceanland- Free play to earn nft game full review

Now I believe that the initial couple weeks. There will be a ton of volume, possibly millions of dollars in of volume over a course of you know a couple days if you reach $1,000,000 in volume a day, you’re doing really well in this space and I believe it could easily do that. We’ve seen for example, the Safe Moon ecosystem tokens that are coming through there with key partnerships and whatnot and the kind of traction they gain.

Now the one thing that every girl may have not done as well is given enough time to allow a build-up of excitement and. Type I guess going into this launch, you basically have a little over a week to two weeks’ notice. OK, and maybe that’s enough. I don’t know.

But evergrow to me with Safe Moon 2.0, you know, obviously not the same kind of project, but just different. In the hype and the virality, they’re launching their own token. This isn’t just a partnership token; this is their ecosystem token LUCRO is.

Should I invest in LUCRO crypto token?

So, I really think that we could be in for a chance here. And what I’m going to say is don’t put money you’re not willing to lose. We have no idea how it’s going to respond. This is a fair launch presale. So, from my understanding, there’s not all these private sailors and whitelisted wallets with a potential to dump on us at launch. There could be people that get into this $1.5 million fair launch presale and dump at launch.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do believe that FOMO will be real. All right? I mean, you’re kind of silly. If you want to avoid it all together, realizing whatever grow did last year in a chance to, you know, do a couple of. This is on your initial investment and so I’m going to be putting in some money and I don’t know how long I’d hold. Unfortunately, evergrow won’t be launching this during another bull market run. 5 best crypto arbitrage bots

We’re kind of still in a bear market. A lot of uncertainty in just with macro events and everything going on around the world. Could we hit a bull run in the next couple of weeks? Anything can flip basically over the coming weeks. So, LUCRO token might be launching at the perfect time, I don’t know. But evergrow coin was a really big deal and they are. Continuing to build in the background, they haven’t left the project. There hasn’t been a contract change.

They’re just doing their thing and now adding this utility token to their ecosystem to ultimately use the volume to help buy back and burn, evergrow coin is kind of like the gold standard. You hold it get paid and passive income from everything going on. LUCRO token, you have to remember as a trading token for swing trades, which there’ll be a lot of that I’m assuming, and some will buy and hold and look for the pump and try to take a big bag and a big win.

But I personally think. Lucero has that opportunity to help a lot of people, but it is a token that you’re trying to flip. OK, keep that in mind. This is not a token you’re holding till $2 billion market cap. This is a token with a goal in mind to eventually flip it. So, if you’re a Hoddle mindset and only that and loyal till it goes to zero, you’re probably not going to make a lot of money.

LUCRO token market cap when launch

That is not what it’s designed for. Keep an eye on the volume, keep an eye on added holders and the 1st 72 hours are going to be massive. When it hits pancakeswap token will immediately. Launch upon hard cap, which is at 1.5 million. There is no soft cap. If hard cap isn’t reached before September 12th, that is when it’ll go live on pancake swap.

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So, I’m really curious, guys. Let me know what you think down the comments, leave a comment on the article. Like I said, interact with me and let me know what you think of this like rotten. Are you disappointed in it? Are you excited for it?

What’s lucro token prediction on market cap?

I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another deca million market cap from this token. You’ve got evergrow sitting at $90 million market cap right now. And it’s about an all-time low. You know, if you look at the grand scheme of things on the chart from beginning running the one-year chart, so with a token that hasn’t been doing as well in the bear market, it’s still sitting just under $100 million market cap.

I wonder what they’re trading token can do with a lot of hype and FOMO going into it with a low trading fee and a strong holder base. So, keep an eye on momentum, keep an eye on address holders, volume, take out your initial as soon as possible so that way you can let the rest ride. Little to no risk, but anyways, that’s my thoughts on every girl. I haven’t talked about them in a while and they will cover some updates on what they’re doing on their platform here soon, but Luke wrote token was a topic for today’s article comment down below. Like I said, but as always, stay safe. Invest wisely.

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