Pulsechain release date delayed : 2 latest updates

What is the latest update on the launch of PulseChain?

In this article, we’ll be looking into what is pulsechain release date and latest update we have about PulseChain and PulseX, and how Richard Heart destroyed Ben Baller. Hello and welcome to Crypto Troika, Let’s get started…

As the year 2023 is coming to an end, a lot of hype surrounding both the PulseChain and PulseX is building despite the crypto market not showing any signs of recovery, especially with the price of Bitcoin remaining below $25,000! The hype is due to a lot of reasons but the one that stands out is, of course, Richard Heart. Heart not only knows how to build projects that age well but also knows how to make sure they target the right audience so a 1000x or a 10,000x is not just possible but is guaranteed.

We’ve seen this happen in the case of HEX! And now, we’re going to see this happening in the case of both the PulseChain and PulseX. Despite not having a launch date yet, more and more anticipation is building up. Users are eager for it to come out and do all the great things that it is designed to do.

What makes PulseChain and PulseX a game changer?

Of all the reasons, what makes PulseChain and PulseX a game change is because of two things:

One: The ability to allow cheaper transactions to happen.

Second: Giving people free coins which may not have too much value in the beginning but will catch up as time passes. With all the great things mentioned and the undeniable hype that’s been building up, this brings us back to our main question.

Pulsex and PulseChain release date

Unfortunately, what we’ve learned is that: Pulsechain release date might take a little more time but like all good things and all good software, delays are the hard pill users have to swallow. Upon being asked the same question, Richard Heart replied saying: right now, the best game on the blockchain is PulseChain test-net. This is because there are copies of all the coins as long as they were on Ethereum’s network at least eight or nine months ago; users can now trade back and forth, put them in liquidity, and do whatever they want with them because this is literally free to do so! However, as of now, they are not on the main-net yet.

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This is because as Heart puts it: My developers are just too good!!! As they want to make sure the final product is rigorously tested, and adjusted so that it does not have any flaws, as seen in the case of many other projects. Heart revealed that there are a total of 14 developers who are divided into two teams. There is the A team, and then there is the B team.

What happened earlier was, according to the A team’s assessment, PulseChain was ready and can go public at any moment, however, when the B team looked into PulseChain, they found a few issues and decided it is first important to make sure those issues are resolved and once that’s done, only then PulseChain can go live. So, in other words, it was half of PulseChain developer’s team vs the other half who decided it is best to build the code first and then go live. Also pulsechain release date will be announced soon.

pulsechain latest

Heart revealed that the blockchain software is just so new and it sort of sucks in a way that there is just so much complication that the team needs to look things up to make sure they are delivered in the best possible way. Additionally, Heart also said that when it comes to new developers, that itself is also a massive challenge. This is because it takes months for the developers to catch up on things.

So that they can develop enough skills and then actually go make a difference. And while being at it, Heart criticized that there are just so many problems with Ethereum and the forks of Ethereum that his devs are simply just not comfortable to move ahead with what’s out there, unless they solve all the issues from scratch!

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So, in simple words: Heart has made it clear that he intends to give the community one of the best projects that see no downtime once it starts running because the team is putting in more diligence than everyone else!!! Thus it’s clear: PulseChain may take a little bit more time to finally go Public!!! But once it is up and running, it will be unlike anything else because it will lower Ethereum’s fees, attracting a big chunk of Ethereum users all because of good liquidity!!!

Why did Heart destroy Ben Baller?

On the other hand, Heart uploaded an entirely different article where he roasted Ben Beller, a famous Entrepreneur, Business Podcaster, and Basketball card designer who called him goofy “dumb clown” and the “biggest clown of our times,” for what he’s developing and how he appears himself to be. Heart later not only schooled him for his comments and also told him how his money claims are wrong.

How he has very little knowledge of things around him, and why he should do some research before putting out claims leaving Ben with no other option than to accept that he legit lost the argument. Like many other things which Heart is working on, and giving to the community, he also knows how to take a stand, and school the haters enough that they are left speechless. So, what do you think? Do you agree that blockchain software takes time or not?

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