(THETA)Theta coin price prediction 2022, 2025, 2030

Because of the pandemic, the search for entertainment was at an all-time high because of the limitation of face-to-face interactions. Everything from performances to video games and eSports, has been happening online. Since the pandemic some of these entertainment industries have gained the attention of everyone. But are those the end-all, be-all of entertainment, or are we forgetting about something. Well, if we forgot about it, it’s probably not important, right? Today we will see theta coin price prediction for year 2022, 2025, 2030.

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Theta network crucial role during pandemic

Now that we have said that, let us head on to the article and learn about Theta. Again, video games have played a crucial role in the pandemic to keep people entertained. However, not everyone is a gamer due to different reasons. No gaming rig, not much of a gamer, and many more. So, with that, they turn to something in order to be pre-occupied and not get bored during the pandemic. And one of those solutions is with video, movies, and shows.

But with streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and now the emerging popularity of Disney+, streaming services are trying to send more and more videos to the people, but the people can’t keep up. This causes lag. And for that, we head on to Theta Network. Trx coin price prediction 2022, 2023, 2025

Like every other cryptocurrency, Theta wants to complete their company goal and solve a problem that crypto users face. For them, the problem is the lag people feel when using streaming services such as Netflix. If you’re familiar with Commercial Delivery Networks or CDNs, they are connected network operators that work together with all the world to distribute video streaming on the internet.

How theta network solved Video streaming lag during pandemic?

However, there are CDNs that are unable to keep up with such high-quality streams. Especially with higher quality videos available such as 4k with 60 fps, there are videos that are harder to stream because of how much bandwidth you need to watch them. One factor of this is because of geographical limitations. But with Theta Network, a community of people from around the world are more than willing to donate their unused bandwidth and other resources so that the people who buy those bandwidths can enjoy a better-quality streaming of videos.

Theta tv uses

Because there is more bandwidth available for users, there will be a better quality of videos for them and less buffering happening for them. The foundations of Theta Network were written and laid on a whitepaper made by SLIVER.tv way back in 2017. Over 5 years ago the idea for the network was born. Oceanland- Free play to earn nft game full review

It was later renamed to Theta.tv when it was closer to its launch. Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long were the founders of Theta Labs. Before founding THETA, Liu already had plenty of experience in the video game industry before. Long also had plenty of experience before founding Theta but he has more influence on the academic and patent knowledge of the company.

If those backgrounds don’t impress you, they have consultants and advisors. One of their advisors is the co-founder of YouTube and the other is the co-founder of Twitch. Both of those are considered to be the biggest video streaming services available on the internet.

How theta network works?

Theta works in much more complex ways than how some would imagine. The whole network is powered by three groups of nodes: Enterprise Validator Nodes, Guardian Nodes, and the Edge Nodes. The first group of nodes is the Enterprise Validator Nodes and they are the companies who are staking THETA Coins so that they can process transactions on the network.

Validator nodes include big brands such as Google and Samsung. Next up we have the Guardian Nodes and they are the users that perform work to make sure that the Validator Nodes propose transaction blocks that are accurate. Now, the last type of node in the Theta Network are those that we mentioned earlier, the people who share their bandwidth to other users. In return, these people get TFUEL. Ethereum merge price prediction 

With that, of course, Theta works with a different and modified type of Byzantine Fault Tolerance or BFT. BFT is a PoS governance mechanism that ensures that computers that are running in the network are in sync with each other. This type of PoS makes it so that both the validator and guardian nodes participate in the consensus. The first step, a group of 10-20 validators provide the first level of consensus so that they can decide quickly.

Once they are done with the validators, they are passed to the guardian nodes which are driven by the community. Of course, both of these nodes are required to stake coins in order to have nodes, and if you’re a guardian, then you are required to have less coins than the validators. The ratio for coins for the enterprise validators to guardians is 1 million to 1,000.

Why Resource Oriented Micropayment Pool developed?

Now, for video streaming, there is an off-chain “Resource Oriented Micropayment Pool” that is specifically developed in the network for that purpose. With that, a user is allowed to create their very own micropayment pool that allows other users to withdraw from it using off-chain transactions. If there are malicious users that will try to get their way in the network, Theta network will pull an UNO Reverse card and benefit from their attacks. They do this by randomizing where the data will be transferred.

And of course, because there are nodes, the network will do something in order to incentivize the nodes. The network will reward the nodes contributing to the network with their native token, THETA. Now the coin has multiple uses apart from the rewards. It can be used for staking as an ROI, Tipping Content Creators, Use for Campaigns on the Theta Network, or as a governance token.

How to earn TFUEL by watching videos?

They also have a second token is TFUEL which is a more accessible coin because even the guardian and edge nodes receive it. It also has a larger supply. But of course, we all know what you guys are here for, the main token. So, with that, let’s not dive in too deep with TFUEL.

All you need to know is the price right now an it is currently at 0.20 dollars. Now back to the main coin. Back in the early days of the coin, it was a token running on Ethereum. In march 2019, all the ERC-20 THETA was converted to the native token of the Theta mainnet as the network was created with a blockchain. It circulates in different ways.

One way is by caching nodes that earn tokens for caching and relaying article streams to other viewers. It can also move around through engagement rewards from advertisers to people who want to earn. These tokens they earn can also be used to gift their favourite content creators and influencers. At the time of writing the article, the coin is valued at an okay-ish price of 1.78 dollars. 5 best crypto arbitrage bots

In terms of recent performance, it has been on a steady rise for the past couple of days. More on the green based on the graph from coinmarketcap.com. It has a Market Cap of about 3.8 billion dollars. And remember earlier that we stated multiple ways the coin can circulate in the network.

This causes the coin to have a 24-hour volume of just over 460 million dollars. There is also a circulating supply of 1 billion which is the current max supply of the coin. Now in terms of the price prediction, there are forecasts that put their full trust that the coin will do well in the future. However, there are also those who think the coin will do well, but with major dips in between.

Theta coin price prediction:

One such theta coin price prediction is from the website tradingbeasts.com. For them, they believe the coin will end the year 2022 at 2.88 dollars which is lower than the price today, but they will quickly regain ground and rise in the next following years, again, with dips in between. By 2025, theta coin price prediction and coin to be valued at 7.62 dollars.

For the website priceprediction.net, they believe the coin to average over 4.18 dollars this year. This price will more than double in 2 years’ time for a price of 9.25 dollars. By 2025, the coin is expected to be at 19.34 dollars. Wait long enough and you can see the coin to be averaging around 78.25 dollars by 2030. Obviously, they are really bullish on Theta coin price prediction. But of course, they have the potential do so.

Theta coin price prediction is also backed and vouched by digitalcoinprice.com who is also bullish on the coin, but not 70-dollars kind of bullish. This year, they predict the coin to average just shy of 5 dollars. By 2025, they see the coin to do well at 7.42 dollars.

In 2030, the coin is expected to be at around 17.45 dollars which is still pretty good for them. This means that if you buy 100 THETA coins now, that will cost about 380 dollars. If you wait and hold it until 2025(theta coin price prediction 2025), those coins will be valued at a minimum of 762 dollars, based on Trading Beasts, to a price of almost 2 thousand dollars. Assuming that the theta coin price predictions are correct, the 100 coins you have now will be worth at a range of 1.7 thousand dollars to 7.8 thousand dollars.

Theta coin price prediction 2022

Popular site tradingbeasts.com believe theta coin price prediction for end of the year 2022 at 2.88 dollars. For the website priceprediction.net, they believe the coin to average over 4.18 dollars this year. While digitalcoinprice.com predict the coin to average just shy of 5 dollars.

Theta coin price prediction 2025

By 2025, tradingbeasts.com predict the coin to be valued at 7.62 dollars. According to priceprediction.net the coin is expected to be at 19.34 dollars. By 2025, digitalcoinprice.com see the coin to do well at 7.42 dollars. The prdiction is too bullish according to todays price.

Theta coin price prediction 2030

By priceprediction.net you can see the coin to be averaging around 78.25 dollars by 2030. Obviously, they are really bullish on the future of THETA. But of course, they have the potential do so. From another site, In 2030, the coin is expected to be at around 17.45 dollars which is still pretty good for digitalcoinprice.com.

This is a huge growth and a lot of gain is expected assuming that everything goes well for them. But of course, Theta is far from the perfect network. It also has its own struggles and criticisms. The major and the one thing that people really point out with Theta is that the monetization for the users is very limited. What I mean by that is that Theta is only giving back a fraction of the users who provide bandwidth. In addition to that, the deposits the users make in the network are non-refundable. Despite that, life is still good for Theta and they have a lot of plans for their future.

Most of their plans are set to release this year or before the year ends. They plan to release a new token that will be used for NFT Liquid Mining, governance, and rewards, this token shall be called TDROP. They also have plans to have cross-chain bridges to connect with Ethereum Blockchain. They also announced a Beta on an NFT-based video platform with a P2P video delivery.

Theta network partnerships

In addition to future plans, they are also backed by multiple companies and partnerships that keep on pushing so the ship won’t sink. Partners include MGM, Lionsgate, World Poker Toru, Line, Klaytn, and Pandora.tv. Like what was said during the intro, video games and other mainstream entertainment mediums have been booming in popularity since the start of the pandemic.

This is caused by the need of people to have fun. And again, video games have been the go-to place for people who want to have fun. Because of the influence and popularity of video games, it has been in collaboration with another industry that has been booming in the past few years. Of course, we are talking about cryptocurrencies. However, there exists a thing called the digital divide and it has been the bane of people who want to be gamers but just cannot. Arbitrage in cryptocurrency and arbitrage opportunity

Digital divide happens when there are people that lack the devices to enjoy technology. That is why it is important for people to find ways to be entertained especially during the pandemic. And that is why people turn to streaming services where they can also earn such as with Theta.

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